A European leasing company relies on Miles to help them launch an innovative new product in their market.

The customer’s need

A longstanding, market leading, leasing company in the heart of Europe wanted to launch an innovative mileage based costing that enables their customers to exactly map the monthly cost of their cars.

The product is based on a measurement of the distance covered by each vehicle every month. This results in a monthly cost, based on a pre-agreed matrix of mileage-based prices that can then be allocated to a specific department or internal project, to arrive at a detailed cost picture.

Our answer

Sofico developed some specific new features to its Miles software, which enabled the client to roll out this new product offering.

Business mileages are captured in Miles either directly from the driver or fleet manager based on odometer readings, or downloaded from an in-vehicle telematics ‘black box’ straight.

The result

Our customer was able to launch their innovative new product and distinguish themselves in their market.

The CEO states that “Miles is a fantastic system because its flexibility allowed Sofico to tune it to our needs while we were developing our mileage management system.”

“Since we are fleet managers, not software developers, we were looking for a flexible system that we could configure ourselves in view of our purposes. Miles easily interfaces with the systems of other players in the automotive sector, such as fuel card companies, tire suppliers and car maintenance shops. The system is very user-friendly, with screens that all share the same look & feel and underlying logic. This makes it easy for our people to get the hang of it. As a matter of act, with Miles Sofico proves that they have a very deep understanding of the automotive market.”

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