A large, independent, European leasing company relies on Miles' flexibility to help them meet new legal requirements which their legacy system can't comply with.

The Customer’s need

The IT system of a large, independent, European based company was running up against its limits in view of upcoming legal requirements and the efficient management of their portfolio of over 100.000 contracts.
What to do? Develop a new system in-house or purchase a solution?

Our answer

The company chose Miles to confront the challenges at hand. Our client deemed Miles to be the better solution because it is a mature system and yet sufficiently flexible to replicate their business processes within the system, thanks to the expertise from the Sofico staff.
A second advantage Miles brought to them was a substantial increase of efficiency.

The result

Miles enabled our customer to meet the new regulatory requirements. On top of this, they experienced:

  • a massive decrease in manual interventions for contract generation, recalculation and invoicing.
  • a better ratio of managed contracts/FTE

Our customer also values the system’s generation of business intelligence, which their senior management can use to analyze their portfolio and increase the financial and operational performance of the company.

Miles offers a logic that is simple to understand, easy to follow but which is very flexible and allows us to alter and modify it to meet our changing needs.

customer CEO

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