A multinational leasing company selected Miles to replace the different legacy systems in use across Europe and provide their users and customers with the same experience in every country.

The customer’s need

A large leasing company, operating in nine European countries, wanted to replace its legacy systems with a software solution that would enable them to standardize their processes across their business. As the vice-presidents stated: “Our strategy is to give all our users the same customer experience in every country we are operating in.” 

Our answer

We proposed the client to start by implementing Miles in two smaller markets, adhering closely to our Miles Reference Implementation setup, which reflects common processes and best practices within the leasing industry and substantially speeds up the implementation process. 

A fast implementation in these first two markets enables us to achieve a quick win and get the buy-in from internal stakeholders. 

At the same time, it provides a perfect opportunity to transfer knowledge about the configuration and implementation of our Miles solution to the customer, enabling them to establish their own internal competence center. This enables to customer to roll out Miles across the other markets with their own in-house staff, supported by Sofico experts. 

An approach that guarantees the customer a degree of independence from us as a vendor. 

The result

Miles was first implemented in two Southern European markets, in seven and five months respectively. A result achieved by relying on the pre-configured Reference Implementation setup that comes with Miles. 

As the client said: “We were able to implement Miles very quickly in both countries thanks to the Reference Implementation setup which removed the need for long preliminary discussions around set up and implementation.
We also ran joint workshops with staff from both countries so that they had a thorough understanding of the system and we could further speed up the implementation process,”

The client set up centers of competence to share best practice across the business. “We do not believe this is typical in the car leasing industry and gives us a definite competitive advantage,” he said.

Another of Miles’ assets, according to our client, is its configurability and scalability, so it can manage our client’s fleet in large markets in exactly the same way as countries with smaller fleets. “This adaptability is a real benefit and one that not many other systems can deliver,” our client added.

On top of this, Miles also offers our client the necessary flexibility to address new challenges in the market. Companies are looking beyond company cars at mobility budgets for train or bus travel, bikes or scooters, daily and holiday rental, car pools, taxi services and car sharing, even ancillary services such as parking. 

“Miles provides us with the functionality to manage mobility contracts with a wide mix of different types of mobility,” our client said.

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