A captive finance provider looking to update the core system at the heart of their organisation, opted for Miles to manage all business critical processes, in part due to our unrivalled know-how of the market.

The customer’s need

A captive car finance provider wanted to make business critical changes at the heart of their Benelux organization, in order to further optimize their customer service, productivity and efficiency. As a result, they were screening the market for the best contract management system possible.

Our answer 

We proposed a target IT landscape with Miles at the heart of it to manage all administration and money flows related to the fleet of 60,000 vehicles. This includes creating invoices, ordering vehicles, ordering third party services, such as insurances, maintenance, fuel cards, road side assistance, replacement vehicles and a host of other administrative tasks.

The result

Based on our, what they called ‘unrivalled’, know-how of the complex car leasing and finance industry, the customer selected to implement Miles. Our know-how gave them the confidence to entrust our expert staff with business critical changes at the heart of their organization. 

They now rely on Miles as a future proof, user-friendly system to run their business processes. As Miles evolves with the market and the latest market trends, they are guarantee to always be working with the best software available.

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