Based on our strong partnership, built over more than 20 years, a large independent leasing company decided to continue to rely on Sofico for their core system, switching from Leasebase, our first generation software, to our current Miles solution.

The customer’s need

One of Belgium’s largest leasing companies had been using Leasebase, Sofico’s previous generation software. They wanted a new system to enable them - among other objectives - to continue providing their customers the unrivalled service level for which they are known. 

Our answer

We proposed a series of detailed workshops to enable our client to thoroughly evaluate our Miles solution and to convince them that it outmatches similar solutions available on the market.

We proposed an implementation project based on our custom Miles implementation methodology and our Miles Reference Implementation setup to assure a speedy implementation process. This approach also assure the customer’s business processes are reflected in the system and their requirements are met.

Through the inclusion of Miles Mobile, we assure our client can offer it’s customers an answer to the growing trend of using smart phones and tablets to access vital information while on the road.

The result

Our client chose to replace the existing system with Miles, for a number of reasons.

They were convinced that Miles had all it takes to sustain their very high level of customer service. The new platform also needed to integrate completely with their Salesforce CRM system, which is used extensively by their customer service team.

Another factor in the decision making process was the flexibility that Miles offered in terms of the reports it is capable of generating for end users.
“Our customers are requesting more and more detailed information about the operation of their fleets including a number of issues such as taxation and driver behavior. Miles has the capability to produce the fully customized reports that we require”, the client says.

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