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Over 40 customers in 20 countries across 4 continents rely on Miles to bring added value to their customers, gain valuable business insights and jointly manage over 1.5 million contracts.

You want to manage your different business streams and contract types on one system?

Miles flexibility: high configurability and total integrability.

Front-, mid- and back-office functionality, delivered as a Rich Internet Application, via web and mobile.

Expertise and know-how: both broad and deep knowledge of business and technical topics. 

Discover Miles

Multiple lines of business unified in a single solution

A hybrid system for both Fleet (B2B) and Retail (B2C)

Traditional boundaries are fading... captives offer full service lease to small and medium businesses while leasing companies launch private lease for retail customers. You can avoid the pitfalls of managing a mixed retail/fleet portfolio: Miles manages both contract types on one system with diversified processes where needed (credit check / onboarding, billing / collections ...). 

    We already believed in Miles as a fleet product but now we have proved categorically that it can be a perfect retail product as well.

    Customer Operations Manager

    Total product flexibility

    Manage any type of contract:

    • traditional leasing contracts including services
    • finance contracts
    • maintenance contracts
    • short term contracts
    • mobility budget contracts
    • ...

    One system, multiple devices

    • Delivered to back-office users through a smart and modern looking Rich Internet Application User Interface
    • Delivered to front office users (Retail: salesmen, brokers / Fleet: Fleet Managers & Drivers) through Miles Web portal sites
    • Delivered to drivers' phones or tablets through native mobile apps

    Innovation driven

    The automotive finance and leasing industry is undergoing rapid changes.
    Leasing companies are transforming themselves into mobility providers.
    Connected cars and telematics offer new opportunities. 

    With Miles our customers are assured their system can support their strategic goals, today and tomorrow.

    Miles is a fantastic system because its flexibility allowed Sofico to tune it to our needs while we were developing our innovative new product offering.

    Customer CEO

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    Leverage the flexibility of a modern Contract Management System to keep up in a changing market place.

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    Continuous product innovation helps you to stay competitive in an evolving market.

    Local offices and local partnerships to serve our customers in over 20 countries.

    30 years of industry experience and know-how.

    40+ succesful implementations through an optimised project approach.


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