Full Stack Ghent - meetup @Teamleader

Full Stack Ghent's September meetup will take place at the office of Teamleader.
Sofico's Ruben Vermeulen will share his insights on 'change detection in Angular'. 

Understanding change detection in Angular 

Angular consists out of many fascinating patterns and concepts. One of these is Change Detection. This is one of the things many Angular developers come across on a daily basis but not always truly understand how it works and how they can benefit from it.
What Virtual DOM is for React, that’s what Change Detection is for Angular. We’ll check out how Change Detection determines what must be updated in the HTML and when something must be updated.

This talk covers the patterns and concepts of the mechanism which makes it perfectly accessible for both people with Angular experience as for people without.

Ruben Vermeulen is a software engineer at Sofico with a strong focus on Angular and RxJS. He likes to share his knowledge through trainings, blog posts and public speaking. As Angular is not the only thing out there, he keeps a healthy interest in: UX/UI, Firebase, React, Android, iOS, PHP, …

Join Full Stack Ghent at Teamleader for Ruben's talk about Change detection in Angular. 

We look forward to meeting you there!

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