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Miles eDocs
Paperless automation for the automotive industry

Miles eDocs streamlines information capture and processing, removing your need for paper documents, file attachments or logins. With instant digital information capture and sharing, documentation gets streamlined for a faster, more reliable service, all in one place. Helping improve customer and supplier relationships. 
​​​​​​​Documents are no longer the “end of the line” in your digital business process. Instead, changes automatically get passed back to Miles, no longer requiring you to update manually.

Starting today, let your data do the work for you.

Have it done

As a part of Miles Enterprise, Miles eDocs integrates seamlessly with Miles Core. It automatically updates submitted information in your system and triggers events based on predetermined next steps.

Miles eDocs does the work for you and for your customers. 24/7.

Get it done

Miles eDocs transforms your everyday transactions. It streamlines information capture, document sharing, data updates and e-signature collection in an industry-secure way. Its paperless workflow, with automated verification and instantaneous approvals, will help you significantly reduce errors, delays and overhead. And that’s not even the best part...

When it’s done

Unlike other digital document platforms, Miles eDocs doesn’t charge you for all the eDocs you’re sending out. You only pay full price for the eDocs that are signed or completed. After all, it’s not the outgoing document but the incoming data that brings you value.

Does that sound fair?

​​​​​​​Keep things moving

Offering full systems integration through Miles, eDocs automatically triggers events based on predetermined next steps. From approval management to contract confirmation, eDocs speeds up the process for customers, drivers and dealers alike. Offering an always-on solution, even when you’re offline.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Act on insights

Miles eDocs offers accurate detailed reporting. This allows you to easily get an overview of outstanding orders and applications, identify pain points and roadblocks, measure KPIs, or to follow up on incomplete transactions.

Miles eDocs assists you in:

​​​​​​​Fleet – streamline quoting, renewal, incident reporting, end of contract and request processes.

Retail – speed up loan applications, create instant quotes and approvals.

Dealers and suppliers – vehicle and accessory quoting, pricing requests, tender lists, third party vending, order and delivery management.

Drivers – trip and taxation reporting, incident forms, declarations and rental agreements.

External approvers – co-signatories, invoices, payments and accounts approval teams.

With Miles eDocs you capture information in moments, for smoother, smarter transactions.

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Ready to go paperless and reduce your overhead?

Unlock the potential of Miles Enterprise + Miles eDocs for a paperless workflow that reduces errors, delays and your overheads. 

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