Sofico develops KBC MoveSmart app

KBC Autolease clients have recently been given access to the smartphone app MoveSmart, an online tool in KBC Mobile that helps them manage their lease vehicle (car or bicycle). It contains all the contract details and practical information about their lease vehicle.

MoveSmart allows you to follow the order of your new lease car or lease bike. You will find all the contract details and information about your lease car or lease bike. So you can see where and when your car or bike will be delivered, whether you are entitled to a courtesy vehicle, etc.

Combining all services and support in one service considerably improves user experience.

“MoveSmart gives me peace of mind. All the information I need about servicing and tyre changes is just a click away. The fact that VAB knows immediately where I am if I break down is fantastic!”

a CBC client

Is it time for service or a tyre change? If so, you can use MoveSmart to make an appointment with your dealer or the tyre centre.

KBC Autolease

"Since last year, the KBC Mobile app has now also been accessible to non-KBC clients, providing them with access to extra mobility services, such as buying tickets for De Lijn, STIB and NMBS/SNCB, paying for on- and off-street parking with 4411 and Q-parking, and bicycle sharing services", explains Koen Vos, Digital Strategy Implementation Manager.



The development path

"The application of the SAFe methodology in this project was a first. We divided the features into stories, put the stories in a sprint schedule, and then finished a sprint and delivered some of the stories every two weeks", says Bart Catteau, KBC Program Manager.
"So we knew exactly when we had to deliver our input and when we could expect the deliverables, which makes scheduling the work much easier."

Bart: "In addition, the deliverables were not delivered in one go, but we received part of the final app every two weeks, so we could test and accept every two weeks."

"Of course, in every project you come up against problems that you have to solve, but the SAFe working method provides far greater certainty as regards timing and delivery of the scope."

KBC and Sofico

The cooperation between KBC Lease and Sofico dates back almost 30 years. Through a number of KBC takeovers in the past few years, the cooperation even dates back to LeaseBase, the precursor of Miles.

"Choosing Sofico was not a deliberate decision in favour of a local supplier. When selecting suppliers we search the market for the vendor providing the best solution and the best support", Bart Catteau explains.
Bart: "When the search leads us to a local supplier, that’s an added bonus and it certainly has a number of advantages. The fact that your supplier speaks the same language, knows the local market inside out and is located close by makes a lot of things easier."

It’s striking to note that until now the people at Sofico who have a KBC Autolease car or bike did not use the digital channels that they themselves had developed.

"The introduction of KBC MoveSmart On The Go has changed this. It’s great for the Sofico people that from now on they can use an app that they themselves have built to follow up their KBC lease car and bike."

MoveSmart is a great digital tool that quickly becomes indispensable.

A user at Orange Cyberdefense 

Companies adapt mobility policy as a result of Covid-19

A survey conducted by KBC Autolease shows that 6 out of 10 companies will adapt their mobility policy, a decision partly influenced by the Covid-19 measures. The acceleration of home working is leading to a change in the use of means of transport and a different view of mobility.

The development of the KBC Autolease app MoveSmart is partly driven by these trends.

What trends are these, exactly?

  • In 75% of the companies surveyed, the COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on staff mobility: home working increased sharply and the use of the car for commuting and for business trips plummeted.
  • As a result, 6 out of 10 (Belgian) companies surveyed plan to adapt their mobility policy. They are considering a shift from cars as part of a salary package to a mobility budget and the introduction of multi-mobility.
  • The companies surveyed also want to focus mainly on greening the fleet.
  • Smooth service and efficient processes for fleet management have become even more important in this new context.  Many KBC Autolease clients would welcome online tools that make management easier and take account of multi-mobility. MoveSmart now offers the solution to this.

And there’s more to come...

In 2021, it will also be possible to use car or bicycle sharing services and public transport via MoveSmart. So the user will be multi-mobile at all times of the day.

For example, does the user have a lease car but he needs to go into the centre of Brussels? In that case, it will be possible to buy a train ticket via MoveSmart. The costs and administration will be settled with the user's employer.

The user has a clear overview of his mobility budget and what he has spent it on in MoveSmart.

MoveSmart was added to the non-financial services in the KBC Mobile app and is accessible to both clients and non-clients of KBC/CBC or KBC Brussels.

At the moment we have around 2,500 users and we are aiming at around 5,000 by the end of the year. As we bring more clients on board our KBC MoveSmart web app for cars and/or bicycles, we naturally also expect the number of MoveSmart users in Mobile to increase further.

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