Sofico launches eDocs for Miles

Sofico has launched Miles eDocs, a fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, to enable customers to speed up transactions, automate processes and seamlessly capture information.

The latest addition to Sofico’s Miles Enterprise Suite mainstream software solution, eDocs is intended to automate information capture and processing for smoother, smarter, transactions for Sofico’s expanding group of automotive customers, including leasing companies, captive finance companies, OEMs and mobility providers.

Automating Miles

Suppliers, fleet and mobility managers, drivers, car sharers and back-office employees generate millions of transaction documents through Miles every year.

Too often, these are manually processed, over multiple stages, resulting in a time-consuming process. With the introduction of Miles eDocs, Miles users can digitally receive, complete, sign and submit documents, streamlining the application process for a wide range of services.

Miles eDocs makes information capture part of a fully automated process, reducing overheads and boosting efficiency to deliver an outstanding, mobile-first customer experience.

Miles eDocs can typically be used for:

  1. Quotation documents, edited and signed by customers or employers.
  2. Vehicle purchase documents, edited and signed by dealerships.
  3. Incident documents for drivers or suppliers.

Smoother, smarter transactions

Miles eDocs creates secure, efficient digital flows, sharing content between APIs to offer a simple way to capture and share information between parties, along with digital signatures and approvals.

Fully customisable and configurable to meet an organisation’s needs, from customers and clients, to suppliers and internal approvers, Miles eDocs lowers the barriers to increased efficiency, helping people get more done, faster.

The strength of Miles eDocs lies in the easy generating and securely sharing of documents, combined with the ability to automate the next steps in the process once the captured data is submitted.

Secure electronic signatures

Miles eDocs allows single or multiple people to securely sign documents online, on any device, with tamper-seal traceability. Email attachments, which are not secure, are replaced by secure API communications between the end users, the Miles eDocs gateway and the Miles back-office, ensuring greater transaction protection. Document access can even be restricted with SMS, two-factor authentication.

Fair and transparent pricing

Like other digital platforms, Miles eDocs is available as a SaaS solution on a volume-pricing basis. Unlike other digital document platforms, however, customers are only charged fully for those documents that are signed or completed.

Piet Maes, Sofico’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, said: “The world has changed. So too have the expectations of mobility customers. Customers now demand the means to transact seamlessly, swiftly and securely. Miles eDocs enables us to offer tools, and opportunities for growth, essential to our customers in this age of digital automation.”

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