Close the gap - donating high-quality, pre-owned IT gadgets

Close the Gap is a global social enterprise that seeks to close the digital divide by donating high-quality, pre-owned IT gadgets to educational, medical, and social organizations in developing and emerging countries. In 2014 this project was established as since that time Close the gap has had a great impact. Close the Gap has now supported over 6,280 projects worldwide (mostly in Africa), reaching over 3,220,000 beneficiaries.  

Sofico decided not to sit on the sidelines and instead donate IT equipment to developing countries. More information on the collection process and security risks can be found in this article.

How does it work?

Where collected?

The collection procedure is centralized. All European offices' goods (Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany) will be collected at the Zwijnaarde-office

What collected?

ICT or computer equipment in the broadest sense is acceptable, including desktops, monitors, servers, printers, and personal components of these goods. All stickers and other signs on devices should be removed. Also, there are some additional equipment requirements:

  • Desktops: intel core i3 - 4GB RAM
  • Screens: 19” TFT flat screens
  • Laptops: intel core i3 - 4GB RAM
  • Printers: laserjet
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Networking equipment: routers, servers,…
  • Thin-Client workstations

  • What happens next?

After collecting the equipment, Close the Gap team with its professional will begin the refurbishing process.

  • Will I receive project updates?

Next few steps includes project selection and follow-up on success of the chosen project. Sofico receives a full status report indicating the quality of each donated property in about 6 weeks. Additional certificates, for example any destruction certificates, will be also sent to Sofico.

Are you still unsure about the importance of this project? Think about how one piece of equipment donated by you can provide professional training or appropriate medical care to someone on the other side of the world.

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