Personal development in software development

Sofico is a real learning organization, enabling her people to continuously adapt its services to a changing environment through training, development and stimulating entrepreneurship. Everyone can do this: prioritizing personal learning goals over performance goals.

Develop software and yourself

A career at Sofico is developed rather than chosen. This career development is a process of learning and personal improvement. This growth mindset is strongly linked to the learning organization. People with a growth mindset are convinced they can improve themselves: they embrace challenges. Have you ever stopped to consider how you view life and work? It's a daily practice for us.

At the wheel of your own career

The best of all is that you can stimulate such a growth culture. It's definitely worthwhile as it leads to an organization where people are more open, healthier, keener to learn and less in competition with each other. It also leads to better results. Someone who gets a chance to take the lead feels more valued and therefor becomes more valuable. Because you are given the space to act and take initiative, you are actively involved in your own career development and the management of your learning process which will accelerate your growth. 

Remember: you are not alone. Within the learning organization, you are constantly supported in the development of your career.

Learning to help, helps to learn

At Sofico, your personal career coach advises you in the development of your competences, your career, your learning choices and experiences. The community that you are a part of offers a network of like-minded people, connected through chat groups, conferences and seminars. The Sofico Learning Management System (LMS) offers a complete training catalogue which is a useful tool to help you manage your Personal Training Program (PTP). 

The more you know, the more you share

Everyone in the company acts as a coach: creating and stimulating a continuous, constructive feedback culture and the helping of others leads to more growth opportunities. 

You are of course challenged to share your knowledge with others in trainings, presentations and courses. This way, you get to discover yourself and you get to know your own best practices better.

Have a look at our job vacancies, maybe you are the new colleague we're looking for!

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