Rely on our Business Consultants' knowledge of the industry to help you achieve added value

With Miles, Sofico proves that they have a very deep understanding of the automotive market.

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Get expert advice

Make use of our 30+ years of experience, honed by completing more than 50 implementation projects for our customers in the fleet, leasing, retail and mobility management industry.

Business related advice

As part of their Miles implementation project, each of our customers goes through a series of detailed requirements gathering workshops. Leverage the know-how this has allowed us to build. 

Whether you require expertise for business process mapping in order to go through a business process optimization exercise or a complex business process harmonization project involving multiple countries, our consultants can help you ask the right questions and achieve your results.

Miles related advice

After receiving the relevant training, your in-house key users and administrators can take on responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance of your Miles system.  When required, we can support your in-house experts for large projects, like the preparation of a major update or audit your setup from a system optimization point of view. 

You can call on our consultants for the following services

  • Business Process mapping
  • Business Process optimization
  • System optimization

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30 years of Sofico expertise: both broad and deep understanding of business and technical topics.

80+ successful implementations through an optimised project approach.


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