Our Dialog feedback tool is intricately connected to a personal development plan (pdp). Colleagues can provide and receive feedback through Dialog, but they can also define their future career path using a personal development plan.

Following feedback, the pdp process is relaunched via team coaches, who will encourage individuals to take other people's views seriously and consider what they want and need to change. Furthermore, using a development plan, a person can identify their need for a career coach and select training depending on their interests or potential job rotation. 

Personal development plan should be a process of continues improvement- personal improvement

Corinne Martens , HR Manager

Process of choosing a coach:  

The process of selecting a coach to assist you in your development is not as difficult as it may appear at first glance. Each person can choose which skills they want to develop when creating their personal development plan.  

People look for someone who is knowledgeable in their area of interest. It can be any of their coworkers. Take a good look around, perhaps a senior business consultant working next door can become a perfect coach. Why not ask the person you like to help with your development process? If all parties agree, the only thing left to do is to include it in the pdp.

Process of coaching: 

Coaching is personalized process. Every colleague mentions the intensity of coaching in their pdp. For example, how often do they want to receive feedback or have progress meetings. Do they need formal and structured coaching or more informal?  

You can also switch coaches. If you achieve your objectives and establish new objectives, you will require a new coach. It is also possible that the career coach no longer has enough time, etc. 

A few more important points to mention: 

It is not mandatory to have a pdp. It is always up to the employee to decide about their personal development. For example, if someone had a challenging year and now intends to focus solely on role advancement without additional goals.  
However, it is also possible that you are ambitious and want to advance not only in your career. Then a pdp is needed. It is also critical that people are open about what they want and expect from their career. 

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