Scalability, security, integration, supported platforms ... your CIO will have a few questions to check off. Our ability to meet various different requirements builds a strong case for Miles. Find out below why Miles is your perfect match.

You want to manage your different business streams and contract types on one system?

Miles flexibility: high configurability and total integrability.

Front-, mid- and back-office functionality, delivered as a Rich Internet Application, via web and mobile.

Expertise and know-how: both broad and deep knowledge of business and technical topics. 

During the selection and evaluation process, it became very clear that the other suppliers could not meet our specific requirements as comprehensively as Miles does.

Customer CIO

Run Miles almost anywhere

Miles is a platform independent system. You can run it on-premise, host it at Sofico and leverage the raw number-crunching power of cloud computing stacks...

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Your data is safe

Safeguard who accesses which data in Miles through the authentication component built into Miles or rely on an integration with an external directory system...

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Want more details?

There's always more to tell: traceability, auditing, our normalised data model, release schedules...
Drop us a line to discuss the details you're interested in. 

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