The Miles Services Platform enables you to seamlessly integrate Miles with your existing IT landscape by exchanging data with your other enterprise systems and external systems.

You can integrate Miles

Our customers manage many company critical core processes through Miles. This requires Miles to exchange data with other enterprise systems within your IT landscape as well as several external systems.

The Miles Services Platform features RESTful APIs and follows the OSGi specifications to implement a modular, dynamic service landscape. 

Standard interfaces

As we complete more Miles implementation projects, the number of standard interfaces available for re-use increases. 
We'll happily discuss which systems we have successfully interfaced with in your country.

The flexibility of the Miles system allows us provide detailed custom reports to each of our fleet customers and helps us provide a first-rate level of customer service.

Customer CEO

Convinced about Miles' integration capabilities?

Whether you're fully convinced or you have a few more questions to clarify. 
Get in touch to discuss the details of your project with us. 

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