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For a business critical core application, high availability is a must. Designed for scalability from the start, Miles can be scaled to meet your changing needs as your business expands.

You can scale Miles in line with your growth

From the start, Miles was designed for scalability.
Miles is a Java EE compliant application that runs in an application server like IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic or JBoss.
These application servers provide a number of services that enable scalability:

  • Database connection pooling
  • Component instance pooling
  • Thread monitoring

Miles can readily handle a huge amount of data, which is ideal for a rapidly expanding company such as ours.

Customer CEO

    Your data is highly available

    High availability can be ensured by setting up the application servers in a cluster or failover configuration in combination with a standby database to minimize data loss. As part of a Disaster Recovery Plan, regular back-ups can be stored off-site for use at a separate failover site.

    Miles' modular architecture allows a decoupled deployment strategy which means overall application downtime is minimized when delivering new or updated services.

    High availability towards external services is also guaranteed through the Miles Services Platform by leveraging principles such as local storage, load throttling, dynamic routing, caching & queuing.

    Miles' configurability and scalability is a real benefit and one that not many other systems can deliver.

    Customer Vice President

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