Miles is a platform independent system. You can run it on-premise, host it at Sofico and leverage the raw number-crunching power of cloud computing stacks by mixing on-premise with cloud native services.

You can run Miles almost anywhere

In case you wonder whether your technology can run Miles... rest assured, it can. Miles is platform independent, because it runs on an application server in combination with a server database, both of which are supported on various platforms.

Most of our customers are running a Websphere, JBoss or Weblogic application server in combination with an Oracle or SQL server. If your technology can run this middleware, it can run Miles.

You even have the option to mix on-premise Miles with cloud native services, which lets you leverage the strength of cloud computing stacks.

You can access Miles on any device

Your internal back office users make use of our modern User Interface with an excellent User Experience.
External users can access Miles data relevant to them through our web portals.
Your prospects, customers and drivers can receive context relevant content via our native mobile app. 

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