You can customize Miles extensively through configuration - without coding. It's the most flexible & customizable solution on the market. Your users enjoy a smart & modern looking User Interface that provides an excellent UX.

Since we are fleet managers, not software developers, we were looking for a flexible system that we could configure ourselves in view of our purposes.

Customer CEO

You can tailor Miles to your needs

You can customize Miles extensively through configuration - without coding. The way we set up product, pricing, work flow and data model extensions lends itself to smooth customization. This even extends to the User Interface, which can be adjusted for different user profiles and use cases. 

Most coded functionality can be parameterized to suit the need of the configuration properties. On top of this, Miles also features a series of plug points in the code for process steps where we know from experience that different customers use Miles in different ways. Through these plug points, your DevOps can use customer specific code instead of the standard Sofico logic.

A typical example is credit check functionality, which always requires a specific approach for each customer.

By means of training and collaboration during the Miles implementation project, we can assure a knowledge transfer from our Sofico experts to your staff, assuring maximum self-sufficiency after go-live.

Miles’ flexibility in its core configuration, and a comprehensive list of easy-to-use data interfaces for third party suppliers, were assets that tilted the balance in Miles’ favor. This resulted in more automation and less human interaction in back office processes.

Customer CIO

​​​​​​​Paperless automation for the automotive finance industry

Acting as a digital signature and automated document management service, Miles eDocs offers customers instantaneous approvals in just a couple of clicks. With no paperwork, automated verification and less chance for error, you can reduce your overheads, while offering customers the efficient, mobile-first service they expect.

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