Provide added value to your customer by giving them access to useful dashboards, self-service business intelligence and advanced analytics options.

Unlock Advanced Decision Support features

Provide an answer to different BI needs on different levels such as

  • departmental dashboards incorporated in back office screens
  • charts and dashboards for external web and mobile users
  • self-service business intelligence for back office and external users to query the data and create personalized reports

The Miles Services Platform ingests, transforms, stores, analyzes and processes data to serve BI "consumers" in both front- and back-end scenarios. Various BI services and data visualization tools can then produce predefined reports, charts, dashboards or let users query the data and create personalized reports themselves.

The Miles Services Platform allows you to combine different data sources, both internal and external, exposing a unified and consolidated view to the outside world. Think of integrating telematics data from connected cars into fleet reporting, or big data aspects in analytics. 

Amongst other use cases, this allows for driver profiling by processing real world driving data to report, profile and/or score individual drivers or groups of drivers. Possible applications are safe driving campaigns, usage based insurance...

This BI architecture also enables you to move from descriptive reports and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics, offering decision support by embedding recommendations within the Miles user interface as part of the business process.

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There's always more to tell: traceability, auditing, our normalised data model, release schedules...
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