Safeguard who accesses which data in Miles through the authentication component built into Miles or rely on an integration with an external directory system in combination with a role based authorisation system.

Your data is safe

With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, preventing unauthorised access to personal data held in your contract management system is a must. You can rely on Miles to keep your data and that of your customers safe. 


Miles users can be authenticated through the Miles application server & built in password authentication, which uses Security Hash Algorithm 512 to check and store passwords. Password properties such as minimum length, required types of characters, password history to prevent re-use and so on can be configured to match your security requirements. Failed login attempts are logged and an account is locked after 3 failed attempts.

You can replace the Miles authentication component by another or the functionality can be extended. To improve the end user experience, Miles is often integrated with an external directory system such as LDAP with authentication being handled through CA Siteminder.


Miles has a role based authorisation model (RBAC) with roles assigned to users based on their function in the organization 
A user can have multiple roles. This simplifies the administration and management of privileges.

Take no risks with security

Contact us to find out how we can assure Miles meets your security requirements. 

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